Horses - DCsquared

DCsquared = the orginal Damond Cromer + Dawn Cleary united together! Now The Cromer's have started a family with our little man, Cael Cruz who was born on April 4, 2010 and our daughter, Carter Chase born on March 1, 2012. DCsquared was designed to keep up with the latest in the Cromer household with pictures and videos so check back often as we will be updating it as fast as these kids are growing! Dawn invested in a Nikon D90 camera and is obsessed with capturing all of our family's growing moments, especially the ones with family and friends. Damond took the reigns on the video camera and has become quite the narrator. We hope you enjoy navigating around all of our galleries of photos and videos and please leave comments as we love to know you stopped by to visit!
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